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Lineart Coloring
Eve White Mage by doll-fin-chick
Prize Art: Lana by doll-fin-chick
Rin and Len by doll-fin-chick
Aelys, Beeren, and Aeran by doll-fin-chick
I'll color any lineart, just send me the lines and an idea of the colors and I'll color it ^-^ 

You provide the lineart, I provide the colors. Lineart colorings ALSO are exceptions to some of my rules. I WILL color explicit/mature themed pictures. 

Commissions! (OPEN)

:new: Updated price list and so on. :new:

:star:How to Request:star:

Request a commission by sending me a DA note.

- Include link(s) to fully identifiable reference picture(s).
- You may specify certain poses and clothing for the characters.
- No deadline. (I may give you a time line and generally I get most commissions done from a week to a month)
- Please provide me with all the necessary details to do the commission!
- Specify if you want to be surprised, or wish to receive sketches to be approved.
- After you have requested, please wait until I reply with the price. I'll give you my paypal then if that's what you're using to pay with. Please don't send me points/money until I say I'll do the commish!
- I retain the right to refuse any commission request if I choose to.
- I retain the right to upload the commission to my deviantart gallery or not, if I so choose. I will refrain if you don't want it posted.
- I ask that you pay in full before I start drawing.

:star:How to Send Payment:star:

I accept payment through PayPal , Deviantart Points equivalent to the same amount in cash. After I agree to do the commission I'll send you the email address/address. I will add your commission request to my list as soon as the payment has been received. When you are making the payment, PLEASE include a note telling me your DeviantArt username, so I know which commission the payment is for.

Note I'm American so I expect to be paid in USD lol And any exchange fee is on you!

Points Quick Conversion>>

20 points= $0.25
80 points= $1.00
400 points= $5.00

For those confused about PayPal Check out this tutorial>>> How to send money using PAYPAL by etuix

:star:Receiving The Commission:star:

You will receive a unmarked copy of the completed commission work through e-mail or DA note, usually jpeg or png unless you wish it in another format.

:star:Things I Will/Can Not Draw:star:

Note: If I feel I can't draw it, I won't accept the commission.

- any type of graphic sexual or obscene content (sexy is okay )
- extreme gore or violence (no internal organs flying around, but a bit of blood? Fine.)
- any type of offensive language or action (mild cursing is fine, bashing an ethnicity is not)
- a pairing between an under-aged person (that means 18 kiddies) and an adult
- things that break Deviantart's rules
- mecha/anthro/furry
- chibi (I suck at them sorry)
- animals
- and everything else that I am uncomfortable with.

:star:Things I Will Draw:star:

- any type pairing (yaoi,yuri,het...)
- fanart
- original characters

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!



PRICE LIST: I've looked about and decided on some prices that seem fair. ^-^


Price: $10 (+$5 per extra Character)


By Your Side Lineart by doll-fin-chickSakura Ready For Anything Lineart by doll-fin-chickCMN: InoChou by doll-fin-chickPA: Karren Lineart by doll-fin-chick


-Price: Head/Shoulders: $10 (+$2 per extra character)
Bust/Waist up: $12 (+$3 per extra character)
Full Body $20 (+$5 per extra character)

-Backgrounds can cost anything from free to $5 depending on the complexity and what you want.


Sikka: In The Dark by doll-fin-chickSpring by doll-fin-chickLucy by doll-fin-chickPrize Art: Karren by doll-fin-chickBy Your Side by doll-fin-chick

:star:COLORING ONLY:star:

You provide the lineart, I provide the colors. Lineart colorings ALSO are exceptions to some of my rules. I WILL color explicit/mature themed pictures. Contact me about it.

-Price: $15-$30 depending on complexity and backgrounds. MOST linearts will fall in to the $15-$20 range, however if it has three full-length characters and complex scenery, It'll probably fall in the $25-$30 range.


Color This Again: Deihina Drafty by doll-fin-chickAelys, Beeren, and Aeran by doll-fin-chickEnassan by doll-fin-chickKailani: Spirit Guide by doll-fin-chickCM: Tony Stark by doll-fin-chickI'm Sexy And I Know It by doll-fin-chick


This is a new one, but one I have a lot of fun doing. Send me a picture (head and shoulders only) and I'll re-draw it with your colors of choice. $20


Blue Self by doll-fin-chickLux by doll-fin-chickBlue Flow by doll-fin-chickRhiannon by doll-fin-chick

:star:TO DO LIST:star:

All of the above in order that I received them ^^ Never more than five slots will be open at a time.

:star:List of Previous Commissioners:star:


My birthday badge


doll-fin-chick has started a donation pool!
235 / 1,000
For :icontheboobclub:

For people who wish to have their commission status/name listed on our page.

10 points will get you a spot for a month. :D

Points will go towards Subs, gifts, contests, etc.

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United States
doll-fin-chick AKA Liz, is a talkative 23 year old who lives and goes to college in New Jersey.

She enjoys reading, anime/manga, fanfiction, music, doing random things, and being herself. She's a fan of a LOT of things.

She is also a bit of a pervert and founded #TheBoobClub :icontheboobclub:

Is it time for me to update my icon? 

8 deviants said OMG YES (suggestions? :D
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Hey guys! So I've kinda dropped off the face of the internet for awhile...for a couple of reasons, though I'm glad to say one reason at least is being taken care of in a highly ironic way.

I'm sure some of you have had roommates at some point, or shared a room with someone for a period of time. Anyway, I got a random roommate assigned to me this year to live at at College, which is how I've always gotten my roommates haha 

My first roommate was a horror story, in a lot of ways. My second was pretty awesome, but after living together two years we had some tensions that caused me to move in with a friend to let my roomie have some space. We're really good friends still, but living with anyone for an extended period of time, who isn't your significant other or your family, is hard.

My roommate this year, on the surface, didn't seem so bad. She's not messy, she doesn't have sex in the room when I'm trying to sleep, or sexile me, or play loud music, or drag a million friends in the room. But she didn't talk, EVER. Not without you talking to her first at least. I once counted how many words she spoke to me voluntarily in a was under fifteen.

I held no ill will against her, I thought she was just quiet, or simply oblivious. When she started turning off the light without asking (when I was still awake...), making unnecessarily loud noises when I was asleep, closed my window without telling me, and never cleaned (like is in our roommate contract), and never told me messages my friends left with her I suspected she might not like me. I now have PROOF.

I had already talked to our RA about the situation, and was looking in to possible moving when one day I come back from class and see most of her stuff packed up. I txt her, asking her if she's moving out, her response: yeah.

Now I was relieved to have her leave, but more than a little pissed she didn't even bother to freaking tell me! I mean, who does that? She didn't even tell me when she was moving out and obnoxiously did it the next evening. I got over it though and was polite to her though I couldn't resist a few parting shots. Casually mentioning I was thinking of moving out and she saved me the hassle, and that it would have been nice if she dusted her side of the room before she left. She called me a bitch, I told her to have a nice life. Whenever I bump in to her around campus now I smile and she glares lol

The best way to deal with people who are irrationally nasty/rude/obnoxious to you? Be nice to them, it infuriates the hell out of them haha I still don't know what was her deal.

Anyway, I was happy to have my own space for a time, but then I got assigned a new roomie. Which had me freaking out because I have been trying to get a single from housing for years now and I got shut out AGAIN this year and there are four other rooms on my floor they could have assigned a new person too. Plus the housing office KNEW I didn't want a roommate because the last one had really caused me a lot of anxiety. I was pissed at them for doing that to me, but figure it's probably because I'd been hassling them. 

Luckily, she also had an awful roommate, so she moved out and got assigned to my room. I really like her though, she's the nicest and politest roommate I've ever had. And good news, next year I get a single room because I got hired as a Peer Assistance Leader (kinda like an RA, but more like a mentoring position) for the Women and Creativity living learning community in my college next year, and we get a single room lolz. So TAKE THAT housing.

Also, been super busy with finals, trying to line up summer internships, looking to take the GRE's and researching grad schools. Hopefully this time next year I'll know what PHD programs will take me haha

So yeah, I'll be posting more stuff soon. I never did share my Hawaii pics with y'all ;) 

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